24/7 culture a factor in journalists’ stress

FIFTY supporters of the London Press Club last night heard how emails and the 24/7 culture were factors in the increase of stress and mental health issues.

Newspaper columnist and broadcaster Dr Ellie Cannon and a panel of health experts told how everybody needed to step back from the up-to-the-minute pressures in their jobs.

The author of a new book “Is your job making you ill – How to survive and thrive when it happens to you” said at the Press Club event in an interview by BBC news presenter Samantha Simmonds that it was necessary for everyone to step away from stress at some point every day.

She said that work related stress could be so acute that she had patients coming into her surgery believing that they were having a heart attack, when it was anxiety brought about by pressure from colleagues.

The answer though was usually not to go off sick. Taking time off rather than dealing with the problem could result in greater stress building up about returning to work.

Sometimes part of the remedy could simply be to take more exercise.

Also on the panel at the London Press Club event at the The Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel in Portman Square was James Ski a high-performing businessman who is the Founder of Sales Confidence, and Faye McGuinness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at MIND.

Faye McGuinness told the audience that relaxing through pilates or yoga could be the best antidote to some work induced stress related illnesses.

James Ski told how he had been diagnosed as bi-polar at the age of 21and he urged others including leading businessmen to speak out about how they like him had conquered or controlled the illness. This would give enormous confidence to others and would break down barriers and attitudes.

Dr Ellie Cannon is best known for her weekly health column in the Mail on Sunday, as the on-screen GP for Sky News Sunrise and the regular doctor on LBC’s Health.

The London Press Club debate was sponsored by Cision.

Richard Dymond

Honorary Treasurer and Director of the London Press Club and the London Press Club Ball.

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