‘The dark side of leadership’ – Brain Power breakfast talk with Dr Tara Swart Thursday July 6

The prominent business advisor, Dr Tara Swart, will reveal the darker side of boardroom brains at a breakfast talk at Corinthia Hotel London on Thursday July 6.

Entitled The dark side of leadership: Psychopaths, imposter syndrome and the boardroom’s greatest untapped resource, Dr Swart’s talk will focus on how particular psychopathic cognitive traits can be observed in the most successful of minds and will explore the secrets behind the most successful brains in business.

As well as the science behind achievement and leadership, she will also talk about the phenomenon of imposter syndrome, the feeling that you don’t deserve promotion or success, which plagues many leaders and can stifle talent across UK industry. 

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Drawing on her former career as a psychiatrist as well as her neuroscience expertise, Dr Swart – currently the Corinthia London’s Neuroscientist in Residence – will address what it means to be a psychopath and how to recognise one in business, and deliver some practical tips for how to deal with leaders who exhibit these traits.

Dr Swart will also expand on her that there are sources of untapped cognitive potential in the modern working world, touching on gender, creativity and technology.

She said: “My work as a neuroscientist and leadership coach allows me to analyse the brains of those at the top of business, to look for what makes people strong and resilient, as well as to explore what holds people back. My current research and experience explores the science behind success, as well as what I see as the greatest source of untapped potential in business brains today”.

As the only top-tier leadership coach with both a PhD in neuroscience and medical career as a psychiatrist, Dr Swart works with some of the most successful companies around the world to help their executives to achieve marginal gains in their performance through brain training.

As the number of seats are limited, please RSVP Fiona Harris, Director of Corporate Public Relations, Corinthia Hotels by Thursday, 29 June 2017. 

Venue: Massimo Restaurant & Bar, Corinthia Hotel London

Date & time: Thursday, July 6, 2017, 8.30am-10am

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