‘How to work with the Media’ masterclass, Wednesday, November 16

The media industry can still seem intimidating to those who work outside of it – even though we spend much of our time on platforms making ourselves seen and heard.

Companies know that they need to work with publishers and journalists to promote their business or products, but many simply don’t know how to go about it.

And even those in the industry face challenges: A recent survey conducted by Press Gazette and PR Week showed that some journalists and PRs – two media tribes who have to work together – have mutually low opinions of each other.


Vikki Cook, head of news and current affairs at London Live.
Vikki Cook, Media 101

Journalists and PRs are creating and supplying content, to meet a constant consumer demand, with a never-ending set of deadlines but time constraints mean that they never get the chance to build good relationships with outside groups and organisations.

Access to the world via a keyboard means that provigil online usa much of the invaluable art of building ‘one to one’ relationships has eroded. Understandably, many people are now wary of the media.

So how can people work with the media to promote themselves while this culture divide continues to grow?

On November 16th, the London Press Club presents the Media 101 Masterclass. In a fascinating day-long session, experts Vikki Cook and Adam Waters will show you the essentials of working with the media – no matter which sector you’re in and can provide:

  • Insight & access into the modern media world
  • Confidence to work directly with the media
  • Tips & skills to create and maintain a higher media profile
  • Techniques in creating ‘stand out’ content
  • Crisis management & problem solving under pressure

So, whether you’re in journalism, marketing, PR or comms, don’t miss the Media 101 Masterclass, at the Hospital Club, Covent Garden 9am-17.30pm.

To find out more about the event click here


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