A glimpse of the glamour

The style, sophistication and glamour of the London Press Club’s annual Ball is extolled  in a new promotional video created especially for the star-studded event which takes place this year on Thursday October 13 at London’s Natural History Museum.

It exudes the fun that underpins the fund raising for the excellent cause that is The Journalists’ Charity and is being used as part of the campaign to raise the profile of the Ball and the charity and to encourage more journalists and their supporters to attend.

LPC director and Ball committee member Ray Massey who produced the video courtesy of the  generous time and expertise afforded by the staff of  Associated Newspapers’ A&N Creative  department  said: ‘It’s very hard to get across to people the sheer fun, excitement and glamour of the Ball unless you are actually there. The nearest thing to it is a moving image. So it was time to get into the movie business.’

The video footage was shot on the night and in his own time  by A&N Creative  film-maker Fraser MacLennan. Tragically Fraser died as a result of a motoring incident just as he was beginning the editing process.

Ray, Transport Editor of the Daily Mail, noted:  ‘It was very sad and shocking  news and a terrible loss of a much loved figure in our building.  But thanks to the generosity and dedication of his colleagues, we were able to finish the video which now stands as a tribute to Fraser. And that is reflected in the final credits.’



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Richard Dymond

Honorary Treasurer and Director of the London Press Club and the London Press Club Ball.

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